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Many had abnormal blood levels in areas affected by Alzheimer's disease, such as the hippocampus.The findings, published in the latest Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, are an ominous warning as the United States rapidly embraces recreational and medical marijuana legalization.Barbie is going to have the best Halloween this year! s Halloween Party to help the two princesses dress up the most amazing costumes!She is so excited for this amazing fall holiday since she's going to try out realistic makeups and cool dresses. They are so excited about having a Halloween party and they want to make sure that ...

This exciting event is no stranger to dramatic fashions and thrilling art installm...

The patients - from California, Washington, Virginia, Georgia and New York - all had complex treatment-resistant issues, and all underwent single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) - a sophisticated imaging study that evaluates blood flow and activity patterns while undergoing concentration tests. Comparing those patients' brain scans with 100 healthy controls, the researchers saw a stark difference in blood flow levels.

Every marijuana user had significantly lower blood flow in the right hippocampus compared to the controls.'As a physician who routinely sees marijuana users, what struck me was not only the global reduction in blood flow in the marijuana users brains , but that the hippocampus was the most affected region due to its role in memory and Alzheimer's disease,' she said.

Anna was invited by Elsa to be the fairy Godmother for her baby.

Anna is very excited about this and she will do all she can to make the event as magical as possible. It has been announced the fanciest royal ball that ever existed and the dress code is winter. Choose a pretty dress for each of the girls and make... She has been dreaming about this moment for a long time and she is very excited about it.

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