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He was there anointed King of Juda ; made Hebron his capital, and reigned there seven years and a half ( 2 Samuel , 3:2, 5 ; 5:5 ; 1 Kings ; 1 Chronicles 3:1, 4 ; and ).

Abner, the leader of Saul's army, came to Hebron to see David, was well received by him, but was afterwards killed by Joab.

When Absalom revolted against his father, who had then become King of Jerusalem, it was Hebron he made his headquarters ( 2 Samuel 15:7-11 ). But we do not know at what epoch a basilica was first built over the cave of Machpelah.

The town was fortified by Roboam ( 2 Chronicles ). It is certain that the Crusaders took the town in 1100, and that the sanctuary became the church of Saint Abraham, also called the church of the Holy Cave (Sancta Caverna or Spelunca, ’ágion spelaîon ).

As a residential see, Hebron enjoyed a very brief existence.

However it survived the triumph of Saladin in 1187, and the march of the Kharesmian hordes in 1244.

the man, for the proper name Adam, translates as follows: "Adam the greatest among the Enacim was laid there"; whence it should not be inferred, as was the case with some ancient authors, that Hebron contains the tomb of the first man. On the division of the Promised Land, Hebron fell to the tribe of Juda and was given to Caleb ( Joshua , 14 ; , 54 ; Judges ).

The explanation of the name Kiriat-Arba by the Bible shows all others to be merely fanciful. Jerome (De locis et nominibus locorum Hebraicorum, s. It soon afterwards became a city of refuge, falling to the lot of the children of Aaron ( Joshua 20:7 , , 13 ; 1 Chronicles , 57 ).

The Vulgate, taking the common name ha-adam in this last expression, i.e. After Josue had defeated them, and put them to death, he went on to attack Hebron, which he took, putting all its inhabitants to death ( Joshua 10:3, 23-26, 36-37 ; ; ).

The town is picturesquely situated at about 3000 feet above the sea, on a narrow plateau among the hills of Judea.

Its only monument of interest is the "Holy Enclosure" (Haram-el-Khalil), within which stands the mosque over the burial cave of Machpelah. Consult Riant, "Archives", II, 412, for a list of the few travellers who, during the nineteenth century, were able to visit this sanctuary so fanatically guarded by the Mussulmans.

Among the other signatories (ibid., 1174) were two priests of the same church, George and Isas, both of whom describe themselves as ‘iereùs toû ‘agíou spelaíou ( priest and servant of the holy Cave).

This Greek see did not last long; and it is not mentioned in the notice of Chrysanthus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, 1707-1731.

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