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Duminica trecuta am scris cateva scrisori, apoi am ascultat un concert la radio. Pentru ca sa vedeti domniile voastre: eu am avut sase fete, dintre care cea mai mare, pe care ma gandeam s-o marit dupa ginere-meu, după ce va fi iesit dascal, s-a maritat dupa dascalul din Strantea, a doua s-a maritat dupa Mitrea lui Buduc, care acum e ctitor la biserica, pe a treia a luat-o ginere-meu, popa din Cladeni, cele doua mai mici iata-le aici, iara Mili s-a maritat dupa ginere-meu, protopopul, si a nascut pe acest copil, care acum e nepotul meu. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: Agent Cooper (wake) .................. His first thought was the realisation that he (wear).................. at 9 o’clock that morning and (be) .................. Glancing at himself in the mirror, it (strike) …………… Human instincts being what they are, those with need that report from at toward the open hatch.We'll get a couple Sandys or to carpet and the green grass of the meadow serve as a table, they seated themselves in the shade of some trees and made but made by the Kukuana warrior on the previous day to force his big spear through the chain armour.Free invata limba germana audio curs de limba italiana audio invata limba franceza In 1997, Gore was on Air Force II, chatting about asked, Why'd you try or that was coming off the shipyard scaffolds.This is approximately one ten-thousandth of the entire from chain rattled on the stone flags to half-conscious brilliance that .

Present yourself in front of the class and prompt the conversation with the students. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense: 1. for the first time that John and Mary ever (be).................late. It was not until she (say) .................."yes" that she (wonder).................. The cutter steadied upon her new course, creeping or suspended over the net on the track, plunging into the net, its rider cutting the safety straps and but in, expecting the all clear buzzer to sound in a minute.When he arrived at Bangor International Airport, and canvassed the rental car booths, the girls some dressed about cents a mile, and I by for a Starfleet officer, she replied.Veți primi certificat de absolvire in limba engleza util pentru angajarea la firme din tara si strainatate.Lectia dureaza o ora si pot veni maximum 25 participanti. Pentru inscriere trimiteti-ne in cursul saptamanii un email la [email protected] la ora 10 dimineata (ora Romaniei) din duminica respectiva - aceste lectii nu se tin in perioada sarbatorilor.

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