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That belief confronts the Biblical proof that God is One as we saw last month.

Also the New Testament calls Jesus the Son of God 43 times, son of man 82 times and God the Son 0 times. If the Bible says things clearly over and over again, but then it has one or two apparently contradictory statements, we must believe what is overwhelmingly clear and try to figure out what those contradictions really mean.

Jesus's sacrifice obtained salvation from God for us. Without God Jesus could not be raised from the dead. Jesus's sacrifice dying in our place for our sins saved us from permanent death.

Thus God is our Savior through Jesus, who becomes our savior by his sacrifice. (See: Most Protestants and Catholics churches teach that some mystical or metaphysical being called the Word, that was equal to and was indeed God, existed from the beginning. They say that the mystical Word-Being incarnated as a human being called Jesus.

To Jesus being teacher and lord are parts of the same role.Having said all this, one event each week demonstrates the connection between Lord and Teacher.Jesus is the lord of the Sabbath, which is when he teaches us.When we keep the day he is lord of, we prove our faith because it is impossible to please God without faith in Jesus, by acting by faith in Jesus.When two or three are gathered together in Jesus's name, he is present.

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The Hebrew is Yehoshua, or Joshua in today's English.

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