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Current GF's daughter is 8 years old, and while she has her moments, for the most part she is a coniving little turd.

Brb No alone time Brb Constant interuptions from kid, cannot have a conversation without kid interupting Brb Kid wants a toy, a dog, a cat, a gerbal, and any other animal and wont quit asking for it despite being told no Brb Kid wants all mommys attention all the time Brb Mom is all stressed out from over bearing kid and takes it out on me causing needless arguments Brb Do not want to listen to parenting advice Brb Kid secretly resesnts me, despite how nice i am to it, and talks crap behind back to GF's mom about how she is ignored Brb Cant watch a movie or talk on phone untill kid is asleep because GF cannot say Its rude to interupt people while they are watching movie or on phone when kid demands attention, despite having it all day Brb GF not wanting to work out or excersise because kid wont sit still for 20 mins while she runs on tread mill and i help her train The list goes on..

Just my feelings...there arent a whole lot of well adjusted highly educated women who had kids at 18-22...sure there are some but they are by far in the minority.

Granted you have to be careful because some of them can be baby have to be extra diligent about not stiking your dik in crazy. ref=4abffc9d33310I haven't had experience but I have noticed how single mums now find me more desireable than they would pre child.

Im noticing that most single women with kids simply do not know how to stand up to there children, daughters especially.

I was just now talking to my GF on phone for first time in 2-3 days when daughter comes in and asks to watch TV with her, despite having been glued to her ass all week due to summer and no school, I assumed GF would just say "no, im on phone, i will when i get off" but instead said "are you sure, it might be loud for you? I told GF "are you seriously going to blow me off to go watch cartoons, why dont you just tell her no? GF gives weak escuse so i hang up on her mid sentence.

In your mind, did you imagine the man walking up to the woman or the woman walking up to the man?

This poses unique challenges to both genders when it comes to online dating.

I am seriously considering breaking up with her right now. It gets really old, especially since they are not yours and you have no say or do in discipline.

Fortunately, ive never had to deal with baby daddys, having some ex boyfriend/ husband out there being cautious or jealous of me being around his kid would be to much for me. I haven't had experience but I have noticed how single mums now find me more desireable than they would pre child.

In an experiment performed by Jon Millward, the answer seems to suggest it’s women.

In his experiment, Jon created 10 fake okcupid profiles (five men and five women).

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