Symantec definitions not updating

In this tip from our Ask the Experts section, identity management and access control expert Joel Dubin discusses the potential threats involved with granting access to a third-party provider, and examines solutions for avoiding these dangers.

Giving any third-party provider access to your company's systems is a security risk.

New World ERP recommends the test environment match as closely as possible to the live environment.

This helps ensure accurate testing for new products.

Operating system, database and application software is included for reference only.

Let's start with some potential risks and then provide ideas for workarounds.

Besides the threat of introducing malware into your systems, there are other technical and business dangers.

First, granting system access to an outsider lowers your security level to that of the external provider.

This section will help Tyler determine which setup is best for you.

For each of the following applications that your site will use, answer the question for each application variable.

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About the author: Joel Dubin, CISSP, is an independent computer security consultant.

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