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Sixteen-year-old Gordie Jessup is a good kid but he's living a nightmare.His eighteen-year-old brother Chase's two-year addiction to crystal meth has left their family emotionally and financially drained.After asking what the unbleached Egyptian cotton was for, she found a bolt of creamy white fabric.Dad looked at Chase and laughed while the clerk smiled.I'm trying to think of bad things about the book and failing miserably.The only part that I didn't love was that it took me a little while to get into it, but I was in a weird mood and I think I may have not slept, so that was probably me. This is such a good book about such a hard subject, written very very well, and it's definitely worth picking up.*Reprinted from with author's permission.

The only one who didn't show as much depth as all the others was Chase, and that was realistic of the intensity of his addiction.

A family of beavers couldn’t have destroyed so many trees in two weeks. He marched back to the house with Chase in tow while I ran in and around the frame of the tepee. She’d also seen Chase and me leave the house with an ax, and she demanded to know what on earth was going on. I have been trying to figure out how things got so out of control.

Stripped of their bark, twenty or so trees stood lashed together around a central tripod in a new clearing. I am remembering all of this as I sit on the bus on my way to the hospital to visit a man I’ve never met. There must be a reason why Chase turned out the way he did.

She then gently told him that he must be mistaken, and anyhow there were only twenty yards on the bolt. Finally Dad told the clerk we’d be back once he’d calculated the correct amount himself, and we left the store.

Once at home, I ran ahead of Chase while Dad followed us into the ravine.

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Chase is arrested for aggravated assault, release...

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